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  • Isabel Caldera

2021: A Fresh Start, Right?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Exercise more, get organized, and live life to the fullest are some of the most common new year resolutions. I bet even you had one of these on your list. Sadly, most of them don’t become a reality. We are all tired of hearing about 2020 but the truth is, it made us look at the bigger picture and possibly even pushed us to write out serious New Year’s resolutions. It’s understandable, since there are so many ways to make this year turn out better than the last!

The question that seems to be bugging everyone right now is, what if 2021 turns out to be worse than 2020? We shouldn’t concentrate on what-ifs or on possibilities that might lead to fear. How could any year possibly be worse! But, now that we’re here, I say we shouldn't leave behind 2020, or maybe not all of it. We should carry with us what we have learned and, if 2021 does turn out to be worse, it really doesn’t matter. We must make as much as we can with it.

So wait! What if I forgot to make my New Year’s resolutions? Who says you had to do them back in December, or in January even? You have all year round to make resolutions. They are a good habit to acquire and, though they may not necessarily last or come true all the time, they are a sign that we can adapt and work towards living a better year than the last.

This picture shows the steps we should take to create our resolution. Do your New Year's Resolutions look like this?

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