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  • Daniela Chamorro

2020: A series of unfortunate events

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Let’s talk about 2020. We can say it was a series of unfortunate events because it was. There were many misfortunes this year like Coronavirus, global warming, riots, and election year in the United States, to name a few. In December of 2019, a man eats a bat then later gets sick and later dies and unfortunately the virus spreads around China; another man that had been infected with COVID-19 travels to another country and spreads it, and weeks later it becomes a pandemic.

Then what Greta Thunberg spoke about in 2020 comes true in California and Australia, with a season of wildfires that breaks all records. Sadly, she is telling the truth about how the world is dying and we don’t take it seriously. But back to Coronavirus. Famous people tell us to stay home (which was necessary) but they don’t realize that their houses are mansions and they have cool things to do there while we don’t have a theatre or a football field or maybe basketball place to play. Next.

Later George Floyd is killed by a racist police officer and the Black Lives Matters movement makes an appearance. Protests and rioting happen all across the States (and even abroad) but don't worry, 2020 is getting better! The elections are coming! Liberals fighting against conservatives, two terrible candidates, and if Trump and Biden were not enough, even Kanye West wants to run for president! You may ask yourselves what the heck?

Well, let's continue. Social media is exploding with news about the election and of course, with fake news too! Biden wins the elections and the Republicans don’t accept this. Now comes 2021 and things are still not getting better with white supremacy, cops running from protesters, and Trump tweeting about it.

What will 2021 bring us? Whatever it is, 2021 here we go!

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