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A Case of Senioritis

What the last weeks of school really mean to highschoolers

Have you ever felt that you’re finished with something, even though it is still happening? Right now, I feel like this with school. When the senior countdown was posted on the cafetín bulletin board, I found myself counting down the days until school ended for me as well. In truth, however, the rest of high school has another two weeks of school without the seniors. I have begun to detach myself from studying and schoolwork, and instead start working on my summer plans. I noticed that I’m not the only one though; people all over high school feel similarly. Have we been struck with a case of senioritis?

“Senioritis” is the decline in seniors’ motivation and effort put into their schoolwork. Although senioritis is widely considered a “negative feedback loop,” I think that in our school it is instead an eager reaction towards the approaching summer. Graduating from high school is a giant step for everyone, and these bittersweet emotions of detachment are nothing compared to the thrill of never having to wake up for school at 6 a.m. again. Sofia Hueck, a senior, confesses that nobody wants to work in class anymore due to the excitement of planning their upcoming college years. It has been very hard for them lately to pay attention in class, much less work on their homework; however, "Teachers have been understanding and kind", Sofia says. She also said that despite finishing school, she is saddened that this will be the last year with her best friends. They have been a united group since the 5th grade, thus, facing their final weeks together will be tough.

A smiling pair of seniors with senioritis on the day of their senior pictures. For us it was just a normal Wednesday in which we were probably sitting through a lecture, while for them it was the day that made their departure real. Image credit: Sofia Hueck

This feeling is not only common in seniors but is visible all throughout high school students. Juniors are suffering from junioritis as well because the last chapter of their school years is finally approaching. No matter the grade, most students are exhilarated by all the carefree leisure time they will have during summer vacations to do the things they love. Freshman Maria Clara Castillo says that she is "excited to wake up late with no worries." Due to her AP and honors courses, Maria Clara rarely had time for anything other than homework, so summer has been a long-awaited holiday for her.

A collage of students sleeping through their classes these weeks. Are they really retaining any new information, or are they just overwhelmed and in need of vacations? Image credit: Marcela Castillo and Ana Sofia Chamorro

In the final weeks of this last quarter, I have observed that there are two types of students. The first is the one who starts to disengage entirely from school, as if with senioritis, and the second is the one who attempts a final effort. Maria Clara is one of those students who continue doing their best until the end, while Karen Velasquez prefers to start seeing things from a different, merrier, perspective. Some teachers have even adopted this carefree attitude and have started to include fun activities in class.

I find that there is a thrill in just waking up and having no compromises to attend to, and instead of having a day all to yourself, in which you can decide what to do as you go. You can choose to play sports, hang out with your friends, read a book and watch movies, without having to fit these enjoyable things into the few precious hours after school. This means that despite what you're doing, you can make sure you're doing what you want, without the bonds of tiresome and abominable schoolwork. My idea of a perfect summer day would be waking up late, reading a book, and going to my best friends' house to watch movies, baking, and talking all day long. With only 1 day of class remaining, have you thought about what you want to do on summer vacation? Leave a comment below!

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