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A Girl's Best Friend

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Various reasons why dogs are the best pets to own

One of the most loved animals worldwide are dogs. Dogs are known to be the man’s best friend due to how loyal they are, no matter what. Do you have a dog? Do you want one? What’s keeping you from getting one? Read up on my top reasons why you should get a dog this 2022!

A lot of people consider dogs the best pets for many reasons, perhaps the strongest being that they will never leave your side. You could be gone for months to even years and, when you see them again, they will remember you and act as if you never left. Another reason is that they are really playful animals, so they are really fun to be around and are bound to help you by getting your exercise in. You need to walk them and bathe them regularly, which is sure to make you burn some calories. Furthermore, dogs will always protect you, even if it costs their life. Nothing beats feeling secure when you’re alone or when it gets dark.

Maybe you think your perfect dog might be too expensive to buy… But have you ever considered adopting a dog? A place where you can adopt a dog in Nicaragua is Casa Hogar Scott. This is a nonprofit organization which is trying to decrease the amount of stray dogs in Nicaragua. Their number is (+505) 87602435, so you can contact them and learn more if you are interested!

Casa Hogar Scott may be too far away for some of you (it’s on the old road to León), but there's another option that's more nearby. Casa Lucito is located in Carretera Masaya, near Pricesmart. This organization is run by mostly adolescents who are trying to give street animals a better life, whether they end up getting adopted or not. They also accept donations of food, supplies, or time, so you can look into doing several service hours here if you like being around animals.

One thing’s for sure: a dog will always lift you up when you are having a bad day and will make your life happier overall. I asked sophomore Alejandra Rodríguez how her dog makes her happy, and she said, “Me gustan sus patitas porque son chiquitas aunque no es un perro común de tener.”

Here we can see a clear picture of the dog giving affection to her owner.

Picture was taken by: Alejandra Rodriguez

Another CSA student I interviewed is sophomore Lucia Salvo who has two dogs. Lucia has a Yorkie named Cookie and a cockapoo named Luca. Lucia bought Cookie in 2017 and Luca in 2021. “She is my baby and she wakes me up every morning; she is ugly but pretty and she is nice,” is how Lucia referred to Cookie. “He is a model but he is shy and hyper,” Lucia said about Luca. One of Lucia’s major sources of happiness is her dogs and she wouldn’t be the same without them.

Here are both of Lucia’s precious dogs.

Picture was taken by: Lucia Salvo

Keep an eye out for an upcoming poll where students can say what their dog's breed is and what breed they wish to have. The results will maybe help you decide which dog you want to get!

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