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The Perks of Being an INFP

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perception

Society tends to believe that being an introvert is a bad thing, especially right now, when everyone is fighting for recognition since everything’s so incredibly connected. People often think that they’re weak, they’re shy, or they’re insecure. But this isn’t true. Being an introvert isn’t that bad at all; it can be great and it really does have its benefits.

We live in a world where extroverts rule, where they're often rewarded for speaking out freely in public and for being loud. On the other hand, introverts are told to change their ways and try to fit into this society. The reason they're quiet is not that they don't want to talk, though; it's the opposite. They have so many things on their minds, non-stop showers of thoughts filling up their brains, and they would never stop talking if they started. The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is an inventory made to recognize your personality type, strengths, preferences, and traits. The test was created by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs. It's widely used as a psychological tool. The introverted types connect to things and understand them on a different level. Usually, introverts are the most artistic, since they express themselves in different ways and have busy minds, according to WriteRight. They also usually listen to music they feel deeply connected to and up-beat melodies that express who they are.

Interesting fact: introverts listen to more music with up-beat melodies than extroverts.

Picture from 16Personalities.

Often people believe that if you don't stop being an introvert, you won't succeed. They think that mainly extroverts are the ones who succeed, but if only they knew that a lot of the most influential people in history were introverts. Gandhi is a great example. He was very shy and quiet for most of his childhood and early years, yet he became the incredible man we know today.

I love being an introvert because it lets me feel safe with the thousand thoughts I have, which allows me to enjoy my own company, which is something we should all learn. But don’t get me wrong, we also love the company of our friends. Knowing that introverts enjoy time alone but also time with others helps us understand them better. It can be a little hard sometimes, but any personality has its struggles. Being an introvert is more of a gift than a punishment.

If you're an introvert reading this, don't ever try to change to fit in; do try to share your amazing thoughts and ideas with the world a little more, even if it's through a whisper. If you want to know what your personality type is, take this test to find out!

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