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Andriy: Broken Collar-Bone, Broken Heart

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

To the 15-year-old Ukrainian boy who lost his mother in an explosion

At gun-point, you tried to escape,

Not knowing your life would reshape.

On the car you see a bright explosion;

You wake up on the road, your legs with no motion.

You look down at your heel:

It shattered like the automobile.

Your collarbone is broken,

The pain is unspoken.

You feel blood on your left ear,

As you hide from the shooting you hear.

Your mother is caught on fire;

At that moment, her soul rises higher.

You have not come to the full realization

Of your unforgiving and tragic situation.

Your city, Chernihiv, you yearn.

To your home, you vow to return.

You remember your mother,

Beautiful like no other.

You say she liked things tidy and clean,

As a falling tear can be seen.

You still have your electric guitar.

It helps you forget about the car.

You play those chords with passion;

Music works as a distraction.

Watch the full interview here:

Andriy talking to the interviewer as he is laying on a children’s hospital bed with a shattered heel and a broken leg and collarbone. (CNN)

Andriy smiling as he plays his guitar. His road to recovery has just begun, but he's off to a good start. (CNN)

In spite of his painful injuries, Andriv strums a comforting tune written by his band and becomes an inspiration for all who struggle to cope with loss. (CNN)

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