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Are SATs retiring?

What to consider when deciding on taking the SAT

SATs have always been a big part of the college admissions process until now. Recently some colleges have not been asking for the SATs to admit someone. Starting last year, due to COVID, college admissions are removing the need for the SAT scores, and students have been taking advantage of this.

Some colleges that don’t require the SAT scores are American University, Cornell College, Bates College, Bennington College, and many more. Some of these colleges are dream schools.

Instead of spending hours preparing for the upcoming SAT test, now students can use the extra time to get better grades, participate in more after school activities, take on new hobbies, and much more.

This shows the stress the SAT brings to you.

However, even if it's not a must, many students still decide to take it thinking that, if they get a high score, they will have a greater chance to get into a better college. Some students may have done badly in one or more classes throughout high school and the SAT is a way to show they have improved in these areas after all.

There are even more reasons why you can decide to take the SAT even though it’s optional. For example, (read this article and write a few more reasons: and quote it)

Visit the College Board website to check out the dates when these exams will be offered in the 2021-2022 school year and decide whether YOU want to take the SAT or not.

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