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Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fan?

The ultimate test to see how well you know your favorite show

This is the ultimate test to see how well you know Grey’s Anatomy. The perfect show to enjoy drama, love, and medicine. If you’re interested in being pushed to be interested in medicine, it’s the show to add to your list. If you’ve watched it already, you probably love it and this test will determine your level of knowledge of the show.

Click the picture to take the test and determine your fan level below!

The Intern: 1-2 Correct

You’re an intern. You’re the bottom of the hospital pyramid. You are the prey. You are still learning and messing up more than you would like. You don’t know anything about Grey’s Anatomy or have just watched a few episodes.

The Resident: 3-4 Correct

You’re a resident. You’ve gotten through 4 years of internship and you passed your intern test. You’re fighting to the best of your ability to get through your residency and choose your specialty. However, you’re still not where you want to be. You’ve probably watched a season or two of Grey’s Anatomy, but you still can’t understand.

The Attending: 5-7 Correct

You’re an attending. You know enough for people to trust you and for you to trust yourself, but you’re still investigating. However, this is because of curiosity, not because of a lack of knowledge. You’ve probably watched most seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and enjoyed it.

The Chief: 8-10 Correct

You’re the chief. You know most and everyone trusts your instincts. You’re in charge of the hospital and the people in it. You’ve probably watched all of Grey’s Anatomy once or maybe even more than once. You are the true fan.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 cover shoot with the most lovable characters. Credit

I got the chief, as it is my favorite show and I can’t get bored of it. I am curious about your results! Comment them down below.

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