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Baseball: a game for fighters

It's a non-stop battle to be on top

Baseball is one of the best-paid sports, but it is very difficult to make it to the Major Leagues. I once had the dream of playing professionally, but that dream didn’t take off because the pandemic began. Perhaps it’s for the best; I don’t have that pressure anymore and I get to write about my favorite sport in the newspaper.

But, if I wanted to take up baseball again, what would I need to get to the Major Leagues? The minimum requirement is that you are the best athlete in your high school, all four years. Then you are either drafted by an MLB team or you go on to college. In college, your team must be dominant and, as the team moves through the divisions, this standard becomes more difficult to maintain. Not to mention that your personal contribution needs to be big. At some point in your college career, MLB scouts must be showing up at your games to see you. If you are drafted at some point in your college career, you will most likely enter the minor leagues. Once in the minor leagues, you might have the opportunity to go up and enter the major league. And once you make it to the Major Leagues, you will need to be an outstanding player or you will be demoted to the minors league.

Sounds easy, right?

Many players just stay in the minor leagues and are happy. I don’t blame them; for amateurs like me, baseball is a very fun sport. You play it to have a good time, but that joy is totally lost when you think it becomes a job because you can’t think of anything else than being the best. In my opinion, baseball is the best sport from an amateur point of view; if you are thinking of becoming a professional, it will be a non-stop battle to be on top.

Here we can see how a team from the Major Leagues celebrates after winning an important game since all their hard work paid off. (Image taken from indystar)

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