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Beatriz Cifuentes: Inspired By Isolation

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

An insight into Beatriz Cifuentes’ newest art exhibition

Last December, I had the privilege to attend Beatriz Cifuentes’ art exhibition. She is an alumni (Class of 2016) and a very talented artist. Beatriz’s creativity and experimentation were displayed beautifully at her newest expo. She designed 5 tapestries that were elaborated by Nicaraguan artisans.

Even though the tapestries all have unique meanings and backstories, they are all linked together. Beatriz was inspired by the isolation and unnaturality of quarantine, which led her to explore the ways in which we have been forced to separate from one another (see the tapestry "Casi"), the allure of technology (see "La Imposición de la Tecnología), and how motherhood inevitably draws you closer (see "Maternidad").

The vulnerability and relatability of the tapestries are one of my favorite things about them. Another aspect that I love is the rich colors each one has.

Beatriz’s dad told me something that stuck with me and hopefully sticks with you, too: you are the new generation of art interpreters, so be mindful of your impact.

Be sure to visit Beatriz’s Instagram page,, to see more of her amazing pieces. She studied Illustration at Parsons School of Design in New York City (graduated May 2021) and currently resides there.

First Slide: Beatriz at her art exhibit

Second Slide: “Maternidad” (

Third Slide: “La Imposición de la Tecnología” (

Fourth Slide: “Casi” (

Fifth Slide: “Cuerpo Propio” (

Sixth Slide :“Oración de la Noche” (

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