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Chocolate Bar War

What is the best chocolate bar according to CSA students?

I've had at least 10 debates this year trying to decide what the best chocolate bar is. Yes, it may sound a little dumb, but I set out to find out what other people thought. I sent a questionnaire to high school students and teachers and the results were surprising. A whopping 97.78% of CSA high school students enjoy chocolate! No wonder it is such a debatable topic.

Since the invention of bitter chocolate by the Mayas and Aztecs, we’ve come a long way. Most of us know that extremely bitter chocolate is not something everyone can enjoy. So, companies started experimenting with sweet flavors, ultimately getting to the sweet, creamy chocolate that we all know and love. This chocolate contains a few chemicals that trigger our brains to crave it and love it, according to a BBC study.

The evolution of chocolate led to chocolate bars and the debate to see which is the best one. The best chocolate bar according to CSA high school is... the Milky Way. I can definitely agree with the 20.5% that do, cause it’s my favorite, too. Alfredo Coronel, a 10th grader, states that it’s just “superior to every chocolate.” The soft and chewy texture, caramel, and nougat filling are what make everyone fall in love. Some just love that it doesn’t contain nuts. Sofia Hueck, a Senior, said that it’s the “perfect combination.”

Milky Way chocolate bar (The Docke Shoppe)

In second place we have Reese’s peanut butter cups, and although some don’t consider it a chocolate bar, it still won second place with an 18.2% approval. Mr. Gustavo Velarde, our History teacher, is just in love with Reese’s “chewy texture.” Most just love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, like Renata Teran, a senior who said it has the perfect balance between sweet and salty.

Reese’s peanut butter cups chocolate (Shoppe)

In a third-place tie, we have Snickers and Twix at 13.6%. Snickers are loved because of the texture that the nuts give to the bar and the mix of chocolate and caramel. However, senior Camila Urteaga, who is a Snickers lover, says, “I like the balance between the crunch of the peanuts and caramel, although I wouldn't consider it chocolate.” Twix bars stood strong with their beautiful crunch, flavorful biscuit, caramel filling, and the perfect tempered chocolate around them.

Snickers chocolate bar (IndiaMART) and Twix chocolate bar (Amazon).

Although these were the top chocolate bars at our school, there are many other favorites. Some include KitKats, Toblerones, Milca, Hershey’s with almonds, and many more. One option that caught my attention was the one that Ms. Alejandra Bolaños, our Journalism teacher and newspaper advisor, described as being 70% cocoa, handcrafted Nicaraguan chocolate. Ms. Alejandra states that “they are a healthier option, since they don't contain so much sugar and are full of antioxidants and ‘feel good’ properties.” Let’s also try out a healthier, delicious, and local chocolate bar!

In conclusion, chocolate bars are an incredibly delicious and addictive snack. Commonly seen, chocolate and caramel is the best combination. But the Milky Way, being our school’s favorite and my own, too, left them all behind!

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