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Christmas Trivia Q/A

15 fun Christmas Trivia Questions to answer with friends this holiday.

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Looking for a way to add a little excitement to your family's Christmas party or other gatherings now that Christmas is right around the corner? Want to amaze everyone you know with your thorough understanding of everything holiday-related?

Whatever the occasion is, these Christmas trivia questions and answers can make any gathering more enjoyable. To find out how much you actually know about the most enchanted time of the year, take a Christmas quiz on your favorite Christmas music, movies, and traditions.

There are easy and difficult questions, but they are all entertaining for us all!

  1. How many ghosts are portrayed in the well-known film "A Christmas Carol"?

Ghost in Christmas Carol

  • 0%1

  • 0%2

  • 0%3

  • 0%4

2. In the movie ‘’Home Alone’’, what place are the McCallisters going for the holidays?

Home Alone

  • 0%Irlanda

  • 0%Paris

  • 0%Michigan

3. What singer is highly recognized for their iconic high pitch voice in their christmas single?

Famous Christmas single

  • 0%Snoop Dog

  • 0%Jennifer Lopez

  • 0%Mariah Carrey

  • 0%Bad Bunny

4. How many gifts are mentioned in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?


  • 0%12

  • 0%513

  • 0%8

  • 0%365

5. How many reindeers does Santa have?


  • 0%8

  • 0%12

  • 0%41

  • 0%1

6. What are the names of Santa’s reindeers?

Names of Santa's reindeers

  • 0%Thomas, Rodolfo, Alejandro, Benjamin, Sebastian, James, Carl

  • 0%Prancer, Cupid, Snow, Jingle, Peter, Frosty, Dancer, Rudolf.

  • 0%Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Dunder and Blixem

7. What action is done in most Christmas movies when the two main characters are found under the mistletoe?


  • 0%Dance

  • 0%Kiss

  • 0%Cry

8. In the movie Elf, what is the first rule of The Code Of Elves?

Rule of code of Elves

  • 0%The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for

  • 0%There's room for everyone on the Nice list

  • 0%To know every christmas movie

  • 0%Treat everyday like Christmas

9. Which famous fairy tale was the first gingerbread house pictured?

Gingerbread House

  • 0%Hansel y Gretel

  • 0%The Grinch

  • 0%The Santa Clause

10. Who had been the only Who who had seen the Grinch during Christmas Eve?

The Grinch

  • 0%Martha May Who

  • 0%Lou Lou Who

  • 0%Little Cindy-Lou Who

  • 0%Mayor August Who

11. Where does Santa live? This is an easy one ;)

Santa's home

  • 0%California

  • 0%South Pole

  • 0%North Pole

12. True or False: “Jingle Bells” was originally written for Christmas.

Jingle Bells

  • 0%True

  • 0%False

13. In the song “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” what else do they wish for?


  • 0%A Happy New Year

  • 0%A dog

  • 0%World Peace

14. What Christmas-themed ballet premiered in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1892?

Christmas theme in 1892

  • 0%River of Swans

  • 0%Romeo and Juliet

  • 0%The Nutcracker

15. What is the biggest Christmas gift ever to be given?

Biggest gift

  • 0%Love

  • 0%Money

  • 0%The Statue Of liberty

  • 0%Candy Canes

You can check the answers below!

  1. Four

  2. Paris

  3. Mariah Carey

  4. 365

  5. 8

  6. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet and Cupid,"Dunder" and "Blixem"

  7. They kiss under the mistletoe

  8. Treat everyday like Christmas

  9. Hansel and Gretel

  10. Little Cindy-Lou Who

  11. The North Pole

  12. False! Jingle Bells was actually meant for it to be a Thanksgiving song, but later turned into a Christmas song.

  13. And a Happy New Year

  14. The Nutcracker

  15. The Statue of Liberty, it was a gift from France to the United States for helping them during the war.

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