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Club Amigos de Vega Baja

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Club Amigos de Vega Baja is a new club at CSA. The presidents and founders of the club are Veronica Zavala and Ana Elisa Castillo. Vega Baja, an educational center located in Diriamba, Carazo, is a place where women go to learn basic skills and crafts to improve their chances in the workforce. The Club’s purpose is to raise funds to pay for these women’s education.

The club has helped the community in many ways. Veronica Zavala told The CSA Times that their most recent activity was to sell tickets for a kitchen class to raise money for the center. The event was a success.

Something that few people know is that our own cafeteria ladies took a course at Vega Baja in the summer of 2015, before the cafeteria opened. For two weeks, nine women attended the school and learned to make the pupusas, spaguetti, lasagna, and salads that are part of our school menu today. They also learned how to make bread and desserts, set the table, and plan meals for hundreds of hungry customers. We have the Vega Baja to thank for the delicious meals we enjoy today.

Club Amigos de Vega Baja is finding new ways to help and empower women in Nicaragua who, just like our cafeteria ladies, can impact the lives of those around them. The next time they plan an activity, please consider supporting their cause.

The Kitchen Class Information

Picture taken from @vegabaja_csa on Instagram

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