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Club Fair 2022-2023

This year's club fair was a very fun and engaging school activity. There were a total of 20 motivational and inspiring service clubs, all of which were developed by students and teachers. All students at St. Augustine School, beginning in the eighth grade, came together to serve our country of Nicaragua by taking part in various charitable organizations. This club fair was held on Thursday August 25th, in the school gym, the goal was to provide students with an opportunity to assist those in need and find solutions to issues that are affecting Nicaragua.

Our mascot, Finn, visiting the students at the fair.

All of the clubs that participated in this year's club fair are intended to help and promote various causes. Some groups help street animals, some clean the ocean or help the environment, while others help those in need. Every club had a sign-up table where you could sign up to join. Each club would then explain to you what their mission was and how you could help them. Some even had small goodies to promote their club.

The clubs who participated in the 2022-2023 club fair this year were Niacef, Sor Maria, Fresh Ocean, Photography Club, Fundación Adan, Gaia, Club Viae, Antorcha, Green Club, Teletón, Helping Hands, Regalando Sonrisas, Aproquen, Pink Club, TEDx, Alma Sonríe, Fundación Zamora Terán, Azul Azul, El Club Tutoría and lastly Conanca. Some of these clubs were invented by students and some were clubs that raise money for charitable organizations.

The number of clubs a student could join was up to them; some believe the more groups the better, while others advise only two at a time while giving each club their entire attention, it’ really up to the student. The club members may have different positions like president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary; the rest of the students help raise money for the clubs as well as come up with creative ideas to implement in the club.

It's fascinating to see teenagers come up with innovative ways to generate money for those who truly need it. These clubs assist students in becoming better versions of themselves as well as developing an empathic and caring attitude. There is no doubt that the members of these many service organizations are passionate about doing good deeds, and when the entire school works together, great things may happen. These clubs also help students fill their required 25 yearly hours of community service while also learning life lessons.

Mrs. Milena Picasso, Coordinator of Student Life and Sports says that the school's mission is to give students a chance to create new clubs as well as helping big foundations in school. It is apparent that joining these nonprofit school clubs will help you fulfill your yearly service requirement of 25 hours while also developing you personally and making you more appreciative of your blessings!

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