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Club Sor María Romero

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

It certainly has been tough to deal with the pandemic and how this has affected our society, but it is always necessary to help out anyway we can. CSA’s Club Sor María Romero has been able to organize a few activities while also being safe.

Mariana Navas and Clara Oyanguren, as Co-Presidents of the club, answered a few questions on the activities they have organized, plans they have for future events, and their mission as a social service club.

They support the Centro de Obras Sociales Sor María Romero, where children go to receive tutoring and classes. The main goal of the club itself is to provide these children with a proper education that can open doors for them.

Recently, they were able to establish a tutoring program, through which members of the club met with students virtually and helped out with their homework. They also organized a raffle, collecting enough funds to give a student in need a scholarship.

To celebrate the holidays, the club plans on bringing these children joy through a gift drive or something of the sorts. Christmas, being a time of giving, is the perfect opportunity to serve.

Club Sor María Romero has contributed to this community in need while staying home and plans on helping out as much as possible during this pandemic. Multiple other clubs have also been able to help out; we encourage all CSA students to join these clubs and make a difference this coming new year.

Sor María Romero Brownie giveaway.

Photo: Sor María Romero Instagram

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