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Coronavirus Vaccine: The "cure" for the virus

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

So almost a year ago COVID 19 was discovered. If you live in a cave and you don't know what it is, it is a virus that spreads easily and it mainly affects older people. A year later, the talk is now all about the coronavirus vaccine. But who will get this vaccine? And is it effective?

First of all, vaccines will be given mainly to doctors, dentists, and people playing roles of caring for the sick. For this article I interviewed two people, a dentist and a doctor who were one of the first ones to take both doses of the vaccines. Both of them felt very privileged to receive it so fast; since they are exposed everyday at work so they need it before anyone to take care of all the sick. They said they completely trust the science, were aware of all the studies, and were not pressured into taking it.

So in the end both doctors were honored to take the vaccine and felt like it's the first step to get the population protected against the virus. In my opinion, the vaccine will not prevent getting COVID 19 completely. People still have to wear masks even after they receive the vaccines. Either way we know we are taking the right first steps to cure it completely.

Vanessa Matamoros took the vaccine in Nicklaus Children's hospital in Miami Florida

Photo Credit: Oscar Amador

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