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Daniela Chamorro: Horse Whisperer

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

As you may know, horses are said to be majestic creatures that form unique bonds with humans, mostly horse trainers or riders. Daniela Chamorro, a sophomore at St. Augustine Preparatory School, is a witness to that and shares her wonderful experience with horseback riding.

Horses can be beneficial both physically and emotionally, helping individuals with their everyday life skills and motivating those who lack a mentally balanced state. Daniela started practicing horseback riding from a very young age, one she doesn’t remember with precision. She was utterly inspired from the beginning and soon began to reap the positive effect this activity caused on her mental health.

Daniela admitted, "Desde pequeña me comenzó a gustar andar a caballo; me enseñó cómo controlar mi ansiedad.​” When questioned how she feels the moment she rides her horse “Sico”, the horse rider stated she often experiences a sense of relaxation. Because she deals with anxiety, Daniela empathizes with others who suffer the same affliction and believes they should endeavor to ride horses, too. It helps you control stressful thoughts, she added.

Her experience is an example of how our interactions with nature and the bond a human can form with an animal, in this case a horse, can be a source of self-motivation, one that encourages you to move forward in life no matter what obstacles come your way.

Daniela and her companion 💛.

Foto: Daniela Chamorro

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