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  • Alvaro Bermudez

Eating out or staying home

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Has anyone ever told you that they don’t like to go out to eat? I've never heard of one person who doesn't like it. It gives you a nostalgic feeling and you get great service; what else can you ask for? Staying home and preparing good food is also a great option that seems to be critically underrated. Both bring their pros and cons and the decision comes down to how you are feeling and what's happening around you.

According to the Obesity Action Community, restaurants are a place where you get to relax. But the truth is that it's the opposite most of the time. You can't take your shoes off or eat without a shirt. You really are not as comfortable as at home. Eating at a restaurant can even be unhealthy for you. People seem to seek huge portion sizes of food (OAC) and end up overeating, which leads to many other issues down the line.

As mentioned before, one of the good things about a restaurant is that you get service. You don't need to be worried about anything besides eating and having a good time. However, right now in the middle of a pandemic it's not really recommended to go out and eat, especially in a closed setting. You really need to trust the person serving you, the hygiene of the place, and the chef. Not to mention you will be surrounded by people who might not be taking care of themselves as much as you are. Scary.

Cooking at home, on the other hand, saves you money and time. According to Forbes, eating out can be 5 times more expensive than eating at home. This is a lot considering you can cook some good food while being comfortable at your house. Plus, you can ensure a safe environment and know for sure how well the food was prepared and cooked, getting rid of any doubts you may have about contamination. Last, you are the one who decides who eats next to you and how long you can stay at the table talking or joking without being asked to give it to another party.

Overall both actions bring their pros and cons but, all things considered, staying at home might be the better option most of the time. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out, though; on the contrary, you should look forward to changing up your scene once in a while to get a different experience, but I wouldn’t do it too often. In the end, it's up to you, your circumstances, and what you like.

By: QSR magazine. Inside Carl's Jr., where you get served food that is not always good for you.

It’s delicious, healthy, and cheap to eat at home!

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