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Ecolets 2.0

Revisiting the brand and its creator

“Saving the earth one bracelet at a time” is the slogan of 16-year-old Lucia Salvo’s business. Now known as Ecolets the Label, it originally launched on September 2, 2019, and was a hit for everyone in school. It seemed like practically every student had one (or three) on their wrists or around their ankles. Ecolets has now been around for 2 and a half years and things have changed. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the changes this small company has gone through.'

Lucia received a message from “Vida y Exito” to appear in the magazine. Photo Credit: Vida y Éxito

Since the school year is almost over, Lucía, now a sophomore, has not had a lot of time on her hands. Even so, she still managed to have time for Ecolets and continue to maintain her small team of 5 people. She designed the packaging, the bracelets, maintains the Instagram page active, edits the videos, takes the pictures, and is the delivery guy. All her achievements have been recognized by the magazine “Vida y Exito” under the roaring 20’s section, even though she’s not even close to being 20.

As anyone with a business does, she has future plans for her company and what she wants to achieve with it. She wants Ecolets the Label to be known internationally by creating a website and launching it so people can get to know Ecolets on a personal level. By getting more clients, she can also assure the growth of her team and, in turn, a bigger production. As it is always said on the Ecolets Instagram, she also wants to help the world and make it a more eco-friendly place. Finding new ways to recycle the paper bags she uses for her bracelets would also have a farther-reaching impact on our city and our society.

Lucía participated recently in the Entrepreneurship Fair at school, and Ecolets was a massive hit. She came to the fair with 200 Ecolets and ended up with just 5! Lucía is definitely improving her business and I think she will surely do huge things with it.

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