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  • Amelia Alemán

Entrepreneurship: Find What You Love

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Entering High School is a scary prospect to many, especially when nearing the end of it. For many students, it is the beginning of a blurry road filled with uncertainty in regards to university and careers. Juniors and seniors feel especially anxious, as their time is almost up. Enter: Entrepreneurship.

This year, the implementation of a new class, Entrepreneurship, is helping many juniors and seniors with their nearing decision. Taught by Mrs. Maria Isabel Rivas, it focuses on helping students grow their own business.

Not surprisingly, 27 students joined the class. Each of these students has a goal to develop their own business from scratch and get a grasp of the process of how it’ll be when they are adults.

I got the chance to speak with six juniors, who are right now in the process of developing their own business. These businesses range from graphic design ideas, to opening up resources so students can help women across the country, to increasing gluten-free food in Nicaragua, to trying to implement more diversity in healthy snacks, to facilitating medical information, to implementing safer and easier access to psychologists, amongst others.

The catch of this class is that students must overcome all the issues that arise from their business ideas. Nonetheless, the response of the class has been magnificent, with all six students interviewed stating that it’s their favorite and most interesting class.

We hope more classes like this are introduced as part of our curriculum, and that many high schoolers are able to take this elective as a way to clear the road ahead on their way to adulthood.

Entrepreneurship students, working in their online classes.

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