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European Super League

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On April 18, 2021, the creation of the new football competition called the European Super League was announced and it did not make the football fans and federations happy. The European Super League is a league composed of 12 of the most elite football clubs in the world. It’s clear that this league was made with the intention of these 12 teams making money. The 12 founding teams were Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Manchester City, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea.

Fifa and UEFA were angry about this; they stated this was an attempt to only make more money and ruin football. Private leagues like this are prohibited by Fifa. UEFA threatened the teams involved that if they continued with this idea they would ban them from their domestic leagues and their players would be banned from their national teams and prohibited from playing in the World Cup.

To this date 10 of the 12 teams involved have left the Super League and have apologized to their fans. The only remaining teams are Barcelona and Real Madrid; they are yet to make an announcement.

Say no to making sports a business!

This picture shows the 12 teams that were originally participating in the league. (

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