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Facing Fashion Fears

Are we scared to dress fashionably because of judgement?

Fashion has always been a way to express yourself in a way words can’t explain. Based on the clothing of a person, you can tell a lot about their life and their personal values. However, it’s hard to have the confidence to dress in a way that reflects your personality, especially in a country like Nicaragua, even if it’s 2021.

Everyone knows each other and we bump into someone every place we go. So, we are expected to dress “normally”. We are scared to dress the way we want to because of others’ belief that it’s weird.

Being fashionable, to me, is dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and reflects who you really are.

A friend of mine who just graduated told me that he was most excited about the fashion opportunities that he would get in another country. I asked him why. He said that in Nicaragua people are closed-minded. You are seen as weird when you wear a different outfit and you can tell that you’re being judged by just one look.

This summer I went on vacation to the US and I can sincerely say that I got more fashion inspiration there than I ever have here in Managua. I didn’t care what others thought of what I was wearing, mainly because I didn’t know anyone. We only want to fit in where we are known.

This isn’t normal. Our fear of being judged can’t determine how we express ourselves. We should be able to wear what makes us feel confident.

Let’s normalize dressing fashionably in our own ways without being judged. Or at least, not caring about being judged.

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