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Fallen Tigers

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Without a doubt, the Clemson Tigers have been one of the most dominant teams in college football since 2017 after beating Alabama in the National Championship game that year. This game is remembered as one of the most historic matches in college football history. But it seems that their luck has run out.

Since 2017 the Clemson Tigers have had wonderful seasons. The beloved team from Clemson University in South Carolina reached the semifinals in 2018, won the championship in 2019 by crushing Alabama 44-16, and reached the final in 2020 but lost to Joe burrow’s LSU tigers. This 2020-2021 season looked good for the Clemson Tigers as they stood at 10-1 before playing the Ohio State Buckeyes. Clemson had only lost to Notre Dame 47-40 (Clemson starting QB Trevor Lawrence didn't play this game). But that’s where their lucky streak ended.

The Tigers, led by Trevor Lawrence, had to play the Buckeyes led by Justin Fields in the Rose Bowl game for a ticket to the 2021 National Championship game. Clemson was the clear favorite to win this game due to their explosive offense led by QB (Quarterback) Trevor Lawrence and RB (Running Back) Travis Etienne. The Tigers never expected what was about to come.

The game started as anticipated, with the Tigers quickly taking the lead with a rushing touchdown from Trevor Lawrence giving them an advantage of 7-0. The first quarter surprisingly ended with a tight score of 14-14. It was in the second quarter that Ohio State crushed Clemson, scoring 21 points and conceding 0; they had Trevor Lawrence completely under control. This game was a nightmare for Clemson, The Buckeyes did not stop scoring and they couldn't find a hole through their defense. The game ended with a score of 28 (Clemson)- 49 (Buckeyes). Clemson was completely crushed by the Buckeyes. Buckeyes QB Justin Fields had the game of his life throwing for 6 touchdowns even after receiving brutal hits from Clemson’s defense.

Sadly, this one historic game was definitely the upset of the year. Now the Tigers will need to wait until next year for a chance of regaining their title.

Buckeye’s QB Justin fields completely outsmarted Clemson’s defense.

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