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  • Jacob Etienne

Fortnite: The fallen battle royale

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Fortnite used to be a very popular game; everyone played it. My friends and I spent hours playing this game and even pulled all-nighters sometimes- that's how fun it was. Conceived as a cool mixture between Minecraft and Call of Duty, we were bound to love it because these two games were so good. The colorful weapons and gigantic map captivated everyone's mind. It was all going perfectly. Then Season 8 arrived.

Season 8 launched on February 24, 2019. Everyone had very high expectations since all the previous seasons had been amazingly fun. But Fortnite Season 8 drastically changed the map we all knew and loved. It brought new weapons such as the flint-knock that made the game extremely unfair, and the lava feature was just too boring. That was the beginning of the end.

The following seasons have been even more catastrophic, to the point there is a new map. Fortnite started making desperate attempts to bring players into the game again. These efforts have been in vain because Fortnite continues to lose more players each day. It went from being the best game to a forgotten battle royale nobody talks about anymore.

This picture represents Fortnite stats right now.

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