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Found Poem

José María Hurtado

There was only this perfect sympathy of movement,

of turning this earth of theirs over and over to the sun,

this earth which formed their home,

fed their bodies,

and made their gods.

Sell their land!

Then indeed are they growing poor.

Some time, in some age,

bodies of men and women had been buried there,

houses had stood there,

had fallen, and gone back into the earth,

land is one's flesh and blood.

So would also their house, some time,

return into the earth, their bodies also.

Each had his turn at this earth,

they worked on, moving together,

producing the fruit of this earth.

When they begin to sell their land,

it is the end of a family.

If they are to bear fruits,

they must be kept well in the soil of the land,

and if you will hold your land you can live,

out of the land we came and into we must go,

land should seem so important,

no one can rob you of land.

José María Hurtado is a Senior at St. Augustine Preparatory School. When he is not doing

any school work, he can be found playing drums, guitar, basketball, watching Netflix, or

spending time with his family. José María will study Architecture but is still not sure where

his education will take place.

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