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Fresh Ocean Club: Saving the environment

Fresh ocean is a club that aims to help our environment through different activities. I'm an actual member of this club and I really like it. We have very responsible club leaders who care for the cause we are fighting for. Our president is Karina González.

Our vice president, Lucia Salvo, gathers the plastic bags and makes bracelets out of them. She has started her own business of bracelets called ecolets. The bracelets come in a variety of colors and they are really comfortable. You should buy one! Part of the proceeds will go to support our club in future activities.

We have done a lot of activities such as going to the beach to collect plastic. The most recent activity we did was collecting resources for those affected by the hurricanes that hit Nicaragua last October.

If you are planning on visiting the beautiful Nicaraguan beaches this upcoming Holy Week, you can do a small action that will have a great impact. Why not take a garbage bag with you and pick up any trash that you see lying on the beach? You would be leading by example and saving ocean animals from getting strangled with or choking on it.

At Fresh Ocean we care about the environment and we will do everything we can to save it. If you would like to join us or if you have ideas you want to share, contact us through our instagram page @freshoceann.

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