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God of War Ragnarok: The Last of its Kind

The long awaited game will end the Norse Mythology side of the Franchise

God of War 4 has stunning graphics and realistic scenes from multiple angles.

Video Game Chronicles

Sony recently held a press conference to reveal some games coming for this next generation of consoles. Amongst these games, the long awaited God of War 5 or God of War: Ragnarok was revealed. Along with the graphics, we got a sneak peek at some new characters. Could it be Thor fighting against a large man, holding a hammer in what looks like lightning surrounding it. We also saw a dude who was fairly bigger than Kratos (who’s not a small guy). At the end of the trailer we also saw a little girl with a mark on her neck. This child could be Loki’s daughter, Hela, who in the Marvel movies is supposed to be his sister, but that isn’t fully accurate. Finally, we also saw the return of Kratos’s iconic dual blades; these do not replace neither the shield used in GoW 4 nor the Leviathan Axe, though.

In order to contextualize, we must recap what happened in GoW 4. In GoW 4 the main antagonist was Baldur, son of Freya. Baldur dies getting his neck snapped by Kratos, so we will surely see Freya in this fifth part of the franchise; we can back this up because in the trailer we see Freya attacking Kratos and shape-shifting.

For newcomers, knowing who and what Kratos is is very important, so we must go over what makes him what he is. Kratos’s story did not start with Norse mythology; it started in Greece, where he was blinded by rage and with the aid of Ares became strong. However, he ended up murdering his entire family. Kratos, full of rage, dueled against Ares and ended up victorious. In the second entry of the game, we see Zeus betraying Kratos and sending him to the underworld and we follow him all throughout his journey. Finally, in GoW 3 we can see what is probably the best game ever developed in history. From the beginning of the game you start up tearing Poseidon’s eyes out and bashing his head with a rock until it explodes; that scene alone is what summarizes the whole game. Kratos spends the whole game obliterating and destroying big figures in Greek Mythology such as Kronos and other major Gods. The game ends with Kratos finally getting revenge on Zeus for sending him to the underworld and, after that, he stabs himself with the Blade of Olympus and dies.

In my opinion, this is one of, if not the best franchise ever created, not only in games, but as a story as well. It mixes storytelling with action and violence pretty seamlessly. It explores all of Greek Mythology while also combining a big part of the Norse one. The game is not only interesting but is also very entertaining. In case you don’t like the aspects of violence, the game also brings puzzles; it's not only pure gore, it's also about solving the various inconveniences that Kratos faces with his amazing abilities. I invite you to check it out!

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