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Growing UP

Why do kids grow up so quickly?

Have you noticed how old kids today look? I’ve been shocked when I see people aged 12 or even 13 and they look 15. It’s incredible how kids are growing up so fast. Let’s discuss why this is.

First off, social media plays a huge role in this generation and will play an even bigger role in the generations to come. When I was just 9 years old an app called came out (you might know this app today as Tiktok). was a video entertainment platform that made it very easy for kids and teens to make and upload videos. This might seem fun but it’s not when you have a small child comparing themselves to someone older than them. The harmful thing about a child comparing themselves to older people is that it makes the children want to change themselves. They start straightening their curly hair, plucking out their wide eyebrows, or even getting highlights. And so the change into adulthood begins, much earlier than it would if social media wasn’t around.

Getting back on track… social media makes kids grow up fast. It’s incredible how children are following trends that are marketed towards teenagers.

Shown: a few social media apps

Picture from Business Insider

Another thing that makes children grow up quickly is other children. If you were a small and vulnerable child and someone made fun of the way you dressed, you would quickly go and change it. Children like to fit in, they don’t want to be the butt of the joke. Also, if you see people your age only wearing crop tops you would jump on that bandwagon and do it too. This cycle is easy to follow and hard to break out from.

But after discussing all of this I found myself asking, does it matter?

I concluded that yes, it does matter. Childhood is a time where children learn and start to mature. Without this, children don’t get the time to learn important life lessons. Also, children who are forced to grow up, are more likely to get stress-related health problems.

Every situation is different but always remember to enjoy your youth; you’ll never get it back.

Don’t forget to enjoy your youth! Picture from Fluent Life

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