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Hard To Say Goodbye

The end’s here and this year’s Senioritis hosts said goodbye: A Case Of Senioritis, Part II

The never-ending (as it appeared to be) senior countdown has finally come to an end.

Picture from senior Martina Shutze’s Instagram.

And in the clock the hours seem to never pass

like a never-ending maze where we learned to laugh

The hour hand struck two

with too many memories to leave behind

with too many hands left to hold

with too little time for us to take in

and b r e a t h e




A little playground is wrapped and stored

Yet, somehow, many stories are still left to be told

the untold truth of what dear world has would come to be

became our hopes and memories

Now the world seems to be a lot bigger

Than just four walls and classrooms in repeat

Cracked knees and swollen toes

a pair of shiny bows and sudden woes

The inconsolable tears in the back of the green classroom

and the shoulder that grew bigger to put your head on

Picture taken by Ms. Carolina on the Seniors’ last day of school.

I wanted to know what it was like to be

tall enough to reach over the l roof







to be able to see through the holes

all the missing pieces of the memories’ puzzle

Of such a united little world

That could fit in a room

However, as scary as it seems

the day approaches as our reality is washed away

The night has come to an end

And the mystery of what dear fate has come to be

becomes your new hopes and memories

I still have some memories to take in

and time to breathe o u t

But as you step out of the playground

and reach out to the atmosphere

We’ll be watching inside through the foggy mirrors

As it’s so hard to say good- (bye)

The XXII seniors laugh over reading their child selves’ letters to themselves in the future.

Picture taken by me.

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