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In my head all day

Alejandra de la Jara

In the morning

I hear the whispers

I hear 'em laugh

I hear the hurtful names

Sitting alone during lunch

Not having any touch.

In the hall

They mercilessly drop the words I fear

Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words I hear.

Should I feel compassion for them?

I am constantly trying not to break

Where can I escape?

Why me?

I am just an ordinary person

Do they want another version?

Why do I care about others' opinions?

I am one in a million

It’s my insecurities that end up hurting me.

Then one day,

I saw a peacock

Standing tall in front of a crowd

Beautiful and strong

He lets his feathers show

With a Confidence I desire to own.

To be one day the voice of those afraid to speak

Of those who they call weak

Compassion I must seek.

Alejandra de la Jara is a Senior at St. Augustine Preparatory School. She's the third

of 8 siblings. She enjoys painting crazy ideas that come to her mind, and loves

playing soccer with her team. Her favorite subject has always been history. She has

always helped in OP by giving all her love. She hopes one day to teach special

education to kids that don’t have the opportunity to have an education.

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