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Inside the Art Expo

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The 7th year of the Art Expo was celebrated after a 3-year long break

The Art Expo was first presented to our school’s community in 2015, allowing students to express their thoughts and talents through art and music. However, due to Covid-19, the school took a long break from the Art Expo as having a great number of students and parents at the gym could increase the virus’ spreading rate. This year, with the recent re-openings that slowly returned things to (almost) normal, the Art Expo was held once again and proved to be a success. Our 6- to 18-year-old thriving artists submitted their artworks and granted our community a beautiful environment to admire their work.

The first time I participated in the Art Expo was 3 years ago, my first year at school when I was in sixth grade. It was the first time I could showcase my feelings and emotions through the song I had chosen to perform in front of the participating artists and their parents. I remember being a nervous wreck and having practiced for like about a month straight until I got it perfectly. It was the first time I had connected that way with a crowd and let out my emotions in such a way that made my experience feel surreal. And most importantly, it was the first time I was surrounded by so many artists and insights into the student's minds through their art; I never would have known my love for art and music would increase significantly because of it.

The first time I performed in an Art Expo was when I was 12 years old. Picture from St. Augustine Preparatory School’s website.

This exposition shows what many students keep buried in the deepest corner of their minds and they may only express through art or music. Fellow freshman Maria Clara Castillo participated for the first time this year in the artistic ambit by putting up two of her artworks for the public to see. She also entertained the guests several times by playing the piano. This year, the theme for her artworks was “Nostalgia,” clearly captivating the rawness of growing up (the artwork on the left) and leaving your passions behind as the melodies bring back memories (the artwork on the right).

In the artwork on the left, freshman student, Maria Clara Castillo, portrays a man gazing out the window “lusting for youth.” In the artwork on the right, she portrays the melodies of the piano as “evoking nostalgia.” Pictures were taken by Maria Clara Castillo.

Each artist gave us a clear insight into who they are and what they think through their art pieces; each one has a story to tell and manages to convey what makes them up as individuals, starting from the early age of six. These startling artworks helped everyone feel more understood and “seen,” since many people feel the same way and don’t get to express it through art.

Santiago Noguera, a 10-year-old in our school community, painted this elaborate portrait of a city’s night view. Picture was taken by me.

For example, freshman Maria Andrea Arana was on a mission to connect with the audience through her work. She says, “As I have always been interested in psychological aspects of human life, I wanted my artworks to represent how people truly feel on the inside.” She also expressed the same emotions through her music, playing Canon, Bella Notte, and her new original song, O2. In her original song, she portrays the world through her eyes. She says the song is about “going forward with all our strength to be the light in the darkness,” about overcoming obstacles with determination and strength.

Maria Andrea Arana portrays how human nature leads us to break down and feel the urge to hide our emotions by putting a facade over them (artwork picture). Through music (right picture), she uncovers this facade and shows who she truly is through her songs, and her new original song “O2.” Both pictures were taken by me.

The following are some of the artworks I personally really enjoyed from the Art Expo, not only because of their techniques and talents but also because of the meanings I found through them.

Artwork at the center by sophomore Isabel Caldera, both artworks on the top by junior Maria Emilia Chamorro, middle picture on the left by junior Erwin Castillo, bottom left picture by sophomore Mia Hurtado and bottom right by freshman Marcela Montenegro. Pictures were taken by me.

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