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Interview with Francesca Medrano, Our Senior Setter

We all love sports, of course, that’s why I decided to interview Francesca Medrano. She is one of our seniors and setters on the varsity volleyball team here at St. Augustine Preparatory School. In this article, she will tell us about her experience with the team.

The first thing I asked her to comment on is one of the things a lot of people are talking about this year: AASCA. She said “I feel excited to participate again in the AASCA tournament. I am also looking forward to strengthening my relationship with my teammates and coaches, as well as meeting new people from other schools.”

Now with that being said, a question we all have is whether the team will win this year. We are all hopeful that they will, and so is our senior setter. I asked her, “Do you think this year you guys have a chance of winning AASCA?” “I think there is always a possibility to win the tournament, and I am sure that with effort and hard work we can win the tournament or one of the other places on the podium,” she answered. Francesca is surely hopeful and positive that this year the team will exceed expectations.

The next question was a little more personal, and I asked if she was confident in her skills as a player, since confidence and skills are a big part of winning. Well, Francesca here has both, and she surely knows how to take advantage of it in this tournament! “Based on my experience, I do feel confident in my skills. I know that because I have worked with them for 6 years, so they are good.” Six years is a very long time! She has shown perseverance in the sport of volleyball, that’s for sure.

There are many seniors who, like Francesca, play sports and also play a big role in their teams. I asked her how she balances being a senior and an athlete at the same time, and this what she said, “It is definitely hard because I have to focus on my applications and still find a way to manage my time and give the best of me in both activities.”It seems like she is very dedicated to both school and volleyball. I know that a lot of people admire her and want to be as dedicated and good as she is in both activities. That is definitely a win for our school!

We can absolutely say that Francesca has made it far, as she is a setter in the Nicaraguan National Volleyball team. We are proud to have her as a Dolphin and we all are rooting for you, Francesca, keep making it big!

Francesca Medrano performing as a setter in the Nicaraguan National Volleyball selection in an international tournament. 2022

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