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Irreplaceable You: the movie

Do you want to add another movie to your must-watch list?

I recently watched a movie called “Irreplaceable You”. It's on Netflix and is listed as a “tearjerker”. It basically made me sob. It's about a couple who met when they were children and have been together ever since then. They were the picture-perfect couple until the woman got cancer and they went through a series of problems.

Thinking her life could end soon, Abbie (played by the English actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw) makes a plan for her life-long sweetheart, Sam (played by the Dutch actor Michiel Huisman) to move on. Her plan was to make him start dating while she was still alive so when she died he would have someone there for him. Sounds crazy? You have to watch the movie yourself to see how it plays out.

This is Abbie and Sam dancing together when she was already sick... Picture taken from

I think this movie portrays a realistic version of what it must be like to have your partner battle cancer. It takes the viewer through all the stages, beginning with the moment when she is told, how they both react to it, how her health starts to deteriorate, and how the illness itself takes a toll on both of them. All the while, she (Abby) is taking you through it by narrating what she was feeling at each moment. It’s an insider’s view, let’s say, of how life can change in a single moment and how love can make you do things you never thought were possible.

This movie is definitely on my top 10 “Movies that make you cry” list. It made me cry a lot and I just think that it's a very heartfelt movie. Even if you can’t relate to it you can’t help feeling empathy towards the characters. It can help you understand what people around you who are going through a similar thing (an aunt or uncle in your family, a grandparent) might feel. I would highly recommend this movie if you are in the mood to cry or to be inspired by a very beautiful love story.

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