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Is the Golden Era of Barca Back?

Xavi & Dani Alves return to their old team in new roles

For those who don’t know, Xavi Hernandez is an ex-player of the Futbol Club Barcelona. After an amazing career in Barcelona, in 2015 he left and went to Qatar’s Al-Sadd team. He retired in 2019 and recently made headlines because he was hired as the new coach of the famous Barcelona FC.

Xavi when he was a player at Barcelona, next to Xavi the coach.

Credits: Wikipedia.

On the other hand, Dani Alves also played in Barcelona from 2008-2016. After he left Barca he played in Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, São Paulo, and now he is back on the Barcelona lineup. Dani Alves is considered one of the greatest right-backs of all time and is the most decorated player in the history of soccer with 43 trophies.

Dani Alves receiving a trophy.

Credits: Wikipedia.

I am a Barcelona fan, therefore I'm really excited to see how the team is going to play now that Xavi & Dani Alves are back. Since day one as Barcelona’s new coach, Xavi has started to rule and organize things again. I think that having Xavi & Alves Barcelona back may be the start of a new golden era for the team, a post-Messi era at least.

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