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It Ends with Us: The Review

A book that will make you smile and surely break your heart

“Just keep swimming.” This line may sound familiar from the movie Finding Nemo, but it’s also one of my favorite lines from the book “It Ends with Us” written by Colleen Hoover. In January 2022 it debuted #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. Reading it left me … so I had to write this review.

It Ends with Us is a book about a girl named Lily Bloom who moved to Boston and is ready to start her life. Lily meets a guy named Ryle Kincaid and she falls in love with him. As she starts her relationship with Ryle, her first love, named Atlas, appears and this challenges her relationship with Ryle.

I rate this book with five stars because it is not the typical romance novel you are expecting. It has so many twists and turns, one example of this could be when Lily reconnects with her first love. This moment is something very unexpected and shocking. This book did not have the normal plot line and I find that amazing. I have read this book twice and both times I have ended up crying, so there is a chance you will cry if you read it.

There is a sequel to this book that hasn’t come out yet which is called “It Starts with Us.” My excitement for this is over the roof. I do recommend that you read this before the sequel so you don’t fall behind.

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