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Love Letter To Movies

Reasons to enjoy this simple yet inspiring pastime

One of the pastimes I enjoy most is watching movies. If I could do one activity that is not allowed today due to Covid, it would definitely be to go to the cinema. Remember when we used to do that?

Some of my favorite memories come from watching movies with my friends, family, and by myself - either at the movie theater or at home. A few aspects I miss most about the movies are the smell of popcorn when you arrive, the feeling when the lights start to dim, and getting completely transported to the big screen. And, if you live in Managua, escaping the heat for a few hours was also a bargain.

Nevertheless, the best part of going to the movies, in my opinion, is when the movie is over and the credits roll, the music plays, and you go outside where it is already dark. It feels so strange to me when I go into the movie theater in the daytime and leave at nighttime; it feels like I was lost in another dimension for a couple of hours! Also, going down the stairs of the theater when the movie is over is a whole other experience for me since I get a little disoriented from having to suddenly get up and walk.

Of course, the main part of watching movies is, well, the movie! I see movies not only as entertainment, but also as a form of art. There is so much work that goes into making films that we may not be aware of. I love watching period pieces and fawning at the costumes and hair, crying at incredible acting and writing, and feeling inspired by characters. Countless emotions are felt when watching movies.

There are so many options to choose from, too. I am willing to watch pretty much anything, even if it looks bad. I am really amused by trashy movies. Actually, I highly recommend viewing a really bad movie with your friends. In all honesty, I highly recommend watching any movie with your friends! Movies are ways of escapism and they create new experiences and memories.

So, stop reading and go watch a movie!

Photo of a movie sign spitting facts! (Pinterest)

Watching a movie marathon, especially Harry Potter, is highly recommended! (Pinterest)

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