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Ecolets: Making a Difference

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Lucía, a junior at school, has a great love for the environment. She started her business last year when she had just turned 14. She created Ecolets to make an impact in the world, especially in Nicaragua where many people still do not recycle.

You may be wondering, what are Ecolets? They are bracelets made from 100 percent recycled plastic bags. The name comes from the word eco and stands for eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable.

Lucía plans to expand her brand and make it more relatable to the public, so that more people will want to help and make a change, one bracelet at a time!

It is very stressful to have a business and to strive to get straight A’s at the same time. She has the help of her parents and other club members, but she does it all!

“For us taking care of our planet is our top priority. That’s why we created Ecolets. These bracelets are made with love from recycled plastic bags by Nicaraguan artisans and a portion of the profits go to eco-friendly, non-profit organizations. Every bracelet has a unique color pattern and they help raise awareness that this is our last chance to help our planet.”

Get yours today! They are only $3 and you can get them at Tienda Espacios.

Lucia in El Crucero doing a

photoshoot for her brand.

Foto: Lucía Salvo

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