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  • Joaquín Zavala

Memes: Do they make the internet a better place?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Memes have been around for decades now. Ever since the first meme appeared in a newspaper in 1921, memes have been a popular way to make fun of things. They have been used to critique the government, as entertainment, in comedy, and for personal expression. The main purpose of memes is to make people laugh and to express an idea.

First-ever recorded meme

Picture was taken from the BBC news website

Memes can be found in almost every social media platform these days. It’s almost impossible to scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok for at least 5 seconds without coming across a meme. Sometimes we can encounter memes that are a bit harmful or offensive. Some of these memes are offensive but they often lead to a laugh. Memes are just jokes and they are always made with the intention to make people laugh, no matter what the content of the meme is.

I think that without memes the world would be a more boring place. During the pandemic, I saw a lot of memes about the virus. I think that this is because memes help us deal with difficult situations by adding a little bit of humor to our lives. This leads me to believe that without any memes, the internet would be a dry, serious, boring place.

Meme about Covid-19

Picture taken from @mvazquez17 on Twitter

In conclusion, memes make the internet a better place since they allow us to laugh and express our ideas. Memes can help us out when we are in bad situations and they can make us a bit happier when we are feeling down. Memes have a positive impact on the internet and also on our lives.

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