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Music Behind The Walls

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Uncovering this universal language and its multiple stories

Many people feel like music is the oxygen they need to breathe or the food they need to survive every day. As I said in one of my previous articles (in fact my very first article, “Music Beyond The Beat”), music can be defined in different ways. For some people, music describes their story and is the language they feel most comfortable in. There is a story behind everyone who takes refuge in music, and here in our school, it’s no different. Behind the walls of our school, there’s lots of music going on. That’s what this article is all about.

We don’t notice or don’t pay attention to how much art and music there is around the world, right here inside our school even. We are surrounded by so much music, starting early in the morning inside our school walls. I’m not talking about a musical or a parade of people singing and dancing in front of your eyes; there is music in the smallest of things.

Some mornings, as the birds cheerfully welcome us to our campus, the music students also start their day by producing melodious harmonies that escape from the walls and contribute to a world more alive with music. They are busy not only letting out their emotions in a beautiful way but also creating bonds with each other and growing as musicians.

A sophomore music student, Veronica Meneses, playing her guitar and practicing for the Teacher’s Appreciation show during music class. The picture was taken by Maria Emilia Chamorro.

After the first period has passed, music club students meet (on Mondays and Thursdays) and engage in what they are all passionate about: they sing, play instruments, listen to music, and have so much fun, communicating through this universal language that allows human beings to strengthen relationships and grow into deeper, sentimental, and more intellectual beings. By the way, these are the words of Mr. Omar, the music class and club teacher. Not only is he a music teacher in our school but he is also a member of La Cuneta Son Machin Band with some of his friends. They were nominated for “Mejor Álbum de Pop Latino” in the 2016 Grammys along with Natalia Lafourcade, Pitbull, and other artists; here you can see other nominees for the 2016 Grammys and its winners, as well as their experience in the Grammys.

Music club students, junior Julio Vega and senior Valentina Vargas playing music with Mr. Omar during his class. First picture was taken by Francesca Rayo and the second picture by Maria Emilia Chamorro.

However, not only music students are constantly enjoying the sound of music; other students listen to music constantly, while doing schoolwork or working on projects. Music is a great alternative to turn to when feeling stressed, blocked, or unmotivated. It helps significantly with focus, especially when writing essays or doing math problems. Sometimes teachers don’t understand and therefore don’t allow us to listen to music; little do they know that it truly makes our day bearable and even enjoyable. For me specifically, it helps to disconnect from the outer world and focus on school work on a deeper level, as it also engages my brain to think out of the box.

Freshman student, Desiree Bolaños, listening to music while working on an English class project. Picture taken by Francesca Rayo.

Music around the school isn’t always private, only for a certain group of students or a single student. There are multiple young artists around our school that share their talents with us and make our school a more artistic and understanding place, as music is a way for people to express themselves and feel understood. This year they have already delighted us with their performances in the Songwriting Contest, Teacher Appreciation Day, and the Pep Rally.

I decided to ask Mr. Omar to give me a better insight as to how students react and express themselves through music. He said that music makes him feel free, lets him share his emotions with the world, and makes him feel positive. It has made him feel happy since the first day he ever grabbed the guitar. Everyone has a little bit of music stored in themselves, they just need to let it out, and some people let it out more than others, he said. He always tries to learn about students as much as he can and said that he was amazed to see how each of them was reflected through music; how much he can learn from his students simply by the way they hold their acoustic guitars. He says, “Si hubiera más música, creo que tendríamos un mundo mejor.”

In what ways do you express yourself through music? Maybe it’s by listening to your favorite song, or is it by creating a new one? You can comment below! We should keep an ear open to listening to the music around us, especially at school. Finding out who is behind it, what their story is, and how they can inspire you can be a powerful experience!

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Ana Sofia Chamorro Aguilar
Ana Sofia Chamorro Aguilar
Mar 11, 2022

Great point, Francesca!

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