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Music Beyond the Beat

What does music mean to you? Can it help you in your daily life?

Music is similar to an abstract piece of art. People feel many different ways about it. Some people may think it’s just paint splattered around a meaningless canvas, while others might find their whole lives portrayed through that liquid substance covering a hard woven fabric. The truth is, there’s really no right answer to explain what music really means or what it makes you feel, because there are a million ways it can help you through different paths at any time, anywhere.

Music is similar to an abstract piece of art.

Picture from Society6.

Music can be used as a tool in various ways. The psychological effects of listening to music have been extensively studied and differ within people. Many studies agree on the fact that music releases a brain chemical in everyone’s body called dopamine. Known as the “feel good” hormone, it is a neurotransmitter that gives a sensation of fulfillment and joy.

It is no surprise, then, that so many people use music as a way to cope with mental health issues and to help them relax. It stimulates a range of emotions while also helping us control them. The right kind of music can help you focus and study, which is of great help for us, students. Previous studies from the Stanford University of Medicine show that if you study while listening to music, your brain retains more information and can beat stress and anxiety easier.

In this picture, we can see how often people use music to help while studying.

Picture from We Heart It.

Furthermore, music is a way to connect with others and express your feelings. Many people listen to music to feel understood and less alone. This goes back to how music helps us deal with mental health issues. During these times in which people have had to isolate themselves because of COVID-19, the percentage of people listening to music has grown significantly, especially in Generation Z and Millenials. According to, Spotify has 345 million monthly users and its Premium subscriber revenue has increased by $1.18 billion in 2020 alone.

So what does music mean to you? And which are some of your favorite songs? My ultimate favorite right now is “Scott Street” by Phoebe Bridgers to study with and “Green” by Cavetown to forget about my troubles. Complete this survey to share your favorite songs that help you relax and study!

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