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New Year, but not a New You?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

When the clock strikes 12 it’s just a change of number, not a person

From the second the clock strikes twelve, everyone starts repeating “new year, new me,” but is it actually true? How will a change in time erase all your problems? Cure Covid19? Help you get over your ex? How is it a clean slate? Well, it’s not.

It’s all in a person’s head, thinking that a change in a year will bring about a change in you. However, the change from 2021 to 2022 is not a big deal; much more work needs to be done than counting down the last seconds on December 31st. If you’re broken, the only way to heal is to understand your feelings and accept them, not follow a list of goals for the new year that will magically make your problems disappear. “We often fail in achieving and keeping them because they focus on a specific outcome,” stated psychologist Sabrina Romanoff (WebMD). The new year is only a distraction from reality.

So the question is, how do you go about becoming this new version of yourself without all the toxic stress of new year goals? I’m here to provide a list to get you started.

Inspiration board with common priorities for many (traveling, eating healthy, reading, etc). Collage made by Lucía Salvo with photos from Pinterest.

1) It’s not goals, it's an inspiration.

Believe it or not, having goals can be toxic. If you don’t accomplish your goals, your self-esteem may decrease. It’s a toxic reminder that you weren’t able to do what you wanted. But if you call it inspiration, you’ll actually have endless motivation to act towards your future self. This is why the first step is changing your way of thinking and speaking.

2) Your inspiration has to be for you.

Becoming a new self should be for you, not for others. You have to make sure that your inspiration is aimed for personal growth, not to fit in. Ask yourself before you take action on your inspiration, “Am I going to the gym to have a body that is socially accepted or because it wakes me up? Do I actually like salad or do I wanna be skinny?” Work on you, for you.

3) Don’t put pressure on yourself.

What is best for you will happen naturally. With effort, of course, but no pressure. Pressure can lead to anxiety and disappointment if you don’t get to where you wanted to be. So this new year, be gentle on yourself and check in regularly to see if you are on track, being careful not to add more stress to your plate. Mental health should be one of your priorities if you ask me!

A skincare routine, signifying self-care. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

I asked a few students and most said that their inspiration was “to grow and improve themselves” and I’m certain that the 3 step list I provided will help them/you reach your goals.

That’s it! Three simple steps to success this 2022. There is just one life to live. Live it to the fullest. You’re not messed up society is. So, why not start off by inspiring yourself with the fear of being average?

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