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Peer Pressure, a Double-Edged Sword

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Peer pressure can either destroy or construct you as a person

Peer Pressure in a nutshell. Source: Parentingwithflavor

Peer pressure is painted as a bad thing, but sometimes it can help the person. If the person is scared of taking a chance, his peers can pressure him to overcome his fear. Peer pressure is negative when people try to pressure the victim into doing something they know is wrong.

Perhaps the problem is not the peer pressure itself, but rather the people doing it. Depending on who it comes from, whether it be a good or a bad person, it will have great consequences in the long run and can be either beneficial or harmful.

One example of bad peer pressure would be with drugs and/or alcohol, especially in teens. A teen can develop an addiction and would have a hard time trying to stop it.

An example of good peer pressure would be someone knowing how to sing but being too shy to perform on a stage; the person gets pressured into doing it anyways and eventually gets used to it and gets something out of their talent.

Francesca Rayo, a staff writer in the journalism class, is a perfect example of when peer pressure goes right. She described that her friends obligated her to participate in “DALE” despite her not wanting to at first. She thought she could just pay and not go but she eventually ended up being pressured into going. She claims that she ended up loving DALE and she had a lot of fun being part of it; she also said that she’s willing to go again. This goes to show that a little peer pressure can go a long way if it’s the positive type.

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