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  • Monica Aguerri

Positive Vibes during Quarantine

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

These are very tough times for all of us, but Oscar is doing the best he can to stay positive. Oscar is a sophomore at the school who is studying from home and is doing his best to not let the Corona Virus get to him.

He has always enjoyed having family time and spending time with his closest friends. Although it is very difficult to see your friends during a pandemic if you're not in school, you can call them by Facetime or simply text them every day just to see how they are doing. And that’s what he has done for the last seven months.

Oscar has had many happy memories in his life, like going to the snow for the first time and skiing for the first time. Every December his family goes to the snow because they fell so in love with it. They still don’t know if they are going this year because of Covid, but at least he can recall those happy times while being locked indoors.

He describes himself as an outgoing, fun, and happy person, because he says, “I don’t take life too seriously.” He is open to doing new things because he never says no. That mindset can have many good and bad repercussions because you could find yourself in horrible situations. But not Oscar; he wants to be happy all the time, and playing video games is one of the things he does to have fun, stay happy, and interact with his friends.

Don’t forget that your mental health is very important during these times! Text your friends, call them, and do things that make you feel happy and confident!

Skiing is a great sport to do with your family and have great quality time.

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