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PROMINENT STUDENT: María Belén, a mind full of art

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Maria Belen Castillo is a CSA student who is one of the most promising artists of the school. She is a creative student with a mind full of art and talent. She started painting when she was 5 years old and has now achieved a high level of art which many wish they could have.

When asked about her best experiences as an artist, she mentioned the American Heritage Summer Camp, where she learned some good techniques which she now uses when painting. One of these techniques is printmaking. Maria Belen is now taking AP Drawing and works hard to get better and better at her techniques every day.

Maria Belen sees art as a passion; her art is inspired by her feelings and thoughts. If she’s having a bad day she will probably draw something sad, or at least not something happy. When asked about what her goal as an artist was, she responded by saying, “I have plenty of goals as an artist, but the one that stands out to me is to raise awareness through what I draw. I want my art to translate what's happening in the world and what needs to be done.”

Apart from art, Maria Belen has other interests. Belen, as her friends call her, said she would love to go bungee jumping on a bridge named Bloukrans Bridge, located in South Africa; it is the highest bridge where you can bungee jump from.

We wish the best of luck to Maria Belen and her artistic career!

This is one of Maria Belen’s unnamed,

digital media creations, done in September


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