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School schedule: What changes have been made?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This school year has been very different from the rest... for obvious reasons. Since last March, everything from classes to our lunches has changed at school. A very big change has been our schedule. The schedule determines the way we go about our days, and because it has changed a few times this year, it’s difficult to adjust.

The first big change in our schedules, starting last August, was that classes were now one hour long. I was so used to having 45-minute classes that those extra 15 minutes were hard to accept. One semester has passed already and I’m still not used to the length of my classes. I still get bored by minute 30 but maybe the problem is just me.

Another thing that changed at the beginning of this school year was that “Community Time” (technically a free period) was added. This space is given to us so we can catch up on homework or go to office hours. I truly take advantage of this time because I don’t want to spend all my afternoons doing homework. To be truthful, I sometimes use this space to sleep because honestly, I’m always tired.

Starting this second semester, yet a third change has been made: we will now rotate with other grades and go two weeks to school physically and stay two weeks at home, online.

It’s understandable that changes had to be made to the schedule because of the circumstances we’re currently living in, but I truly miss when classes were shorter and everything was “normal”. On the flip side, not all changes are bad. And that’s a good thing.

This is an example of a sophomore’s schedule for the school year.

Photo credit: Maria Belen

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