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  • Daniela Arana, Editor-in-chief

Serve, Share, and Take Care

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

CSA encourages their students to serve others, not just to fulfill community service hours, but to contribute to their spiritual well being. With the current Covid-19 limitations, CSA service clubs have found new ways to serve.

Fundación Nueva Vida organized a drive just last month, collecting food and other basic necessities for a school in need. Instead of going to the school and serving the students themselves, the club members drop off their packages at their sponsor´s (Ms. Carolina Leal) house and these were then sent to the school.

Also, Club Sor Maria Romero recently donated money to fix a fence in Centro de Obras Sociales Sor Maria Romero, and Operation Smile was part of an interactive activity named “Regalando Sonrisas“, that was organized internationally.

Nicaragua, being the poorest country in Central America, has been particularly affected by the Covid pandemic; thousands have lost their jobs as businesses have closed or reduced staff, resulting in 29.6% of the population labelled “in need”. We cannot turn a blind eye; we must help in any way possible.

CSA has other service clubs including ANF, Aproquen, Conanca and NICAEF. In one way or another, all of them have contributed to helping, donating, and sharing with others during these difficult times.

Service is one of the main pillars of St. Augustine Preparatory School and thus a huge part of this community. As a Catholic school, CSA encourages everyone to keep helping while staying safe and respecting social distancing.

“In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.”- Saint Augustine

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