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Service animals: Are they truly a scam?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

So before we start, you can’t say if they are a scam if you are not fully educated on this topic; that’s the purpose of this article... Service animals work for people who have disorders, like OCD, PTSD, anxiety, and people with visibility, etc. There are many types of service animals but the most common is the dog, and the best breeds for service dogs are the labrador retriever and golden retriever; these are the most common breeds you will see in public, and they’re also recommended by the trainers.

David Leonhardt (he is an American journalist) wrote that they need to put an end the service animals based on people committing fraud with it; now what I think of this person is that he is not thinking straight, he is not fully educated on how this works, and I imagine that he doesn’t have a disorder. It is true that there are many people who go to public places with their animals and they say that they are service animals when it’s a lie. These dogs are not trained and could potentially hurt people and make others uncomfortable.

But people with a disorder need a service animal- of course, I mean a real one because there have been cases of people having monkeys or other types of animals as service animals. You need a dog! They are fully trained to do many tasks like if you have depression and you are feeling sad they go and they lay down with you, or if you have OCD let’s say, and your ticks are getting out of control, they prevent them!

The sad thing about service dogs is that they are pretty expensive; the cost can be around $10,000 or $20,000. I know it’s crazy but there are fundraisers like Petco or other groups that gather the money and they pay the service dog for people who can’t afford them.

Many people think that having a service dog is crazy, but the truth is that having a service dog is the best! Having a companion every day by your side is really good and if you have a disorder it will definitely be helpful. You will never feel alone, especially in college! But warning, make sure you only have one if you really need it. Anyways, you can’t fake a disorder!

Puppy in training to be a service dog

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