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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Social gatherings and celebrations are starting to emerge again following new 2020

protocols. Families and friends are meeting outdoors, following social-distancing measures, and engaging in sanitation procedures to avoid cancelling important events amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Remarkable events such as weddings and graduation ceremonies have been organized. Guests have attended in stylish attire, cherishing the chance they have been given and fully cooperating in the multiple adaptations to this current lifestyle. Though the number of guests has dramatically decreased, the joy of celebrating that special occasion remains.

In virtue of technological advances available to the majority of people nowadays, extended families and acquaintances are given the chance to participate in social events through different online platforms such as “Zoom” or “Google Meet”. CSA’s 2020 graduation and our inaugural 20th year Mass were broadcast via YouTube, for example. This way, the entire CSA community was able to attend both events virtually, while only the graduates’ parents attended the graduation ceremony and the graduates alone came to the Mass.

A couple of weeks ago, my uncle got married civilly, and a small, intimate celebration was held at the bride 's house. Only the immediate family attended this event. When asked how she felt about celebrating her wedding under these circumstances, the new bride answered, “Sentí la energía y alegría de todos aunque no podía verles la sonrisa. Fue un día diferente pero muy especial porque todos pusieron su mayor esfuerzo en disfrutar y celebrarnos.”

With only a few family members present, the fear of contagion was evident, she admitted. But she also stated, “Me sentí afortunada porque aunque estemos viviendo una pandemia, pude celebrar uno de los momentos más especiales junto con mi familia.”

Although people are avoiding loving expressions through tangible means, they have found new ways of interacting in order to nurture their relationships and enjoy significant moments as a physically vulnerable community, but an inwardly united one. And that is what counts.

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