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Sofia Quadra: A Closer Look

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Sofia Quadra is a 10th grader at CSA. She is also The CSA Times Managing Editor. I decided to interview her to find out more about her interests and dreams, and introduce her to our readers. Because she is sometimes shy, you might not know that much about her.

She would like to study education or marketing. She admires her parents because they have taught her to be a better person. She knows how to paint and likes riding her ripstik at home, and enjoys most being with all her family. She loves kids, and one of her happiest moments was when her brother and sister were born.

Sofia also loves dogs like I do. One of her saddest memories is when her dog, Polo, died. (Funny enough, I also had a dog named Polo that died.)

One thing you may not know is that she loves desserts, especially ones with chocolate or Nutella. She likes watching movies and enjoys good food. I asked her how she would describe herself and she said these words: kind, responsible and honest. I think that anyone who knows her well would agree! To conclude this I’ll say that she is an amazing person, a good student, and a caring friend.

Sofía with her dog, Polo (2-3 years ago)

Photo: Sofía Quadra

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