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  • Maria Belén and Daniella Arana

Spirit Week: Does the school have spirit?

Show some school spirit! In the past few weeks, students have been able to express their school spirit through interestingly themed dress-down days. This past year has made it quite difficult to show and spread school spirit, considering pep rallies and reunions are out of the question due to COVID-19 regulations and those were common outlets. Some students have been going all out taking advantage of these few opportunities we get to dress up.

Using Valentine’s Day as the focus, this year’s Spirit Week proved to be a great and creative way to restore this and so, this should be done more often. Also, this is a great way to get students motivated and excited to come to school, while also taking their minds off the stress of classes.

We created a short survey to get more information on how students felt about this. Ten out of the ten people surveyed said they would like for spirit week to be more often, as often as once a quarter! When asked about what they liked most about spirit week, the most repeated response was the fact that they had the freedom to choose what to wear and they did not have to wear the school uniform. They also gave some ideas of other ways we could show more school spirit, like the activities we used to have on field days (respecting COVID-19 regulations).

Referring back to the survey, the majority of students said they would like more days off school as a way to show spirit. Although this may be a difficult goal to achieve, we think that this year school spirit is an important piece that will help our community stay united through these tough times.

High School students showing school spirit following the theme of Wild West.

Photo credit: CSA Instagram

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